One of my trainers told me a long time ago that people remember wine differently from other beverages. They may have a great, classic or artisan cocktail before dinner or they may order a beer, but they won’t talk about it to their friends later—if at all—like they do wine; positively or negatively. People ponder wine like nothing else they put in their mouths. Wine engages too many senses to be ignored. Wine is about people, friends, relationships, memories and stories. As one winegrower put it, where there are vines, there is culture. It takes time for those plants to grow to maturity and whole generations of people grow up around them. That’s a big deal.

Which is what Oregon Wine Lovers is all about. I tell stories with words, Jai tells stories with pictures. Together, we share tales about Oregon wines, the people who make them, people surrounding them and who bring them to you. (With the occasional detour—hey, you can’t drink wine from just one place.) There are some doozies, as well as a few sagas, cliffhangers and, of course, romances. Every bottle of wine has a story. We’re here to tell it.