Script Cellars Release

It’s been quite a week for Oregon Wine Lovers. In just our first week on the interwebs, we’ve hit three tasting rooms and been invited to two events. No complaints around here.  

Monday was the new release tasting for Script Cellars’ Stage Right. I met winemaker Bradford Cowin, along with his partners, sommelier Fred Armstrong and connoisseurs Ken and Cheri Hick at Thirst wine bar, on the waterfront. They gave me the low down on the blend, where the name comes from and how that all stirs together. First, there’s a fondness for theatre references among the group, hence the name Script. Exordium was their first release.  Stage Right takes it further with a slightly obscure reference to “Right Bank Bordeaux,” which is the style of this predominantly Cabernet Franc wine. “It’s a wine to celebrate what you’ve done,” said Ken.

Personally, I love Cabernet Franc, so I was pretty excited to taste it. It’s a sultry beauty, with vanilla, brûlée and cocoa on the nose. To play with their theatre references further, there’s chocolate front and center when you taste it, with plums and black cherries in the background. 

Oregon Wine Lovers was, of course, interested in knowing if this was a wine for a first date or a fifth anniversary. 

“A first date,” Bradford responded, without pause. 

There you have it—although I’m looking forward to trying this one with a couple more years in the bottle. My thought is celebrating the first or second anniversary of your first date… Whenever you try it, remember there were only a few hundred bottles, so savor it.