Wine and tacos? Why not? Matello Wines teamed up with Taqueria Nueve for a very creative winemaker's dinner. Marcus Goodfellow and Gaironn Poole of Matello broke out library wines for the event.

The best food pairing of the night was the first: Scallop Ceviche with a 2007 Carey Creek Vineyard Riesling. Tart acidity; lemon, lime and mango flavors were perfect with shellfish.

Coctel de Pulpo--Rob loves octopus, so he was very excited. The 2008 Whistling Ridge Blanc was an intriguing wine, the preparation was surprisingly tender.

Marcus with the 2002 Homage A&D. When I first tried it almost a dozen years ago, the tannins were pretty burly. It's still dark and chewy but it's mellowed beautifully. Arguably the most complex wine of the evening.

Crispy Wild Boar, with Matello's 2007 Souris. Music for your tastebuds!

Aaaaand a bonus pour! 2006 Souris. Both wines were showing well. An excellent comparison of the two vintages.

We'll be back.