Day one of harvest internship Boedecker Cellars:

1) Cleaned out a less-vile-than-expected drain.
2) Scrubbed out fermenters.
3) Lunch
4) Scrubbed out more fermenters
5) Cleaned barrels with a pretty cool high pressure sprinkler contraption that fits up inside the barrel and blasts water throughout the chamber. It releases an amazing, hydrant-like amount of water if you accidentally turn the water on when it’s outside the barrel. Fortunately, the sun was out and I dried quickly.

Day two:

1) Received a shipment of new barrels. Unwrapping them was every bit as fun as Christmas morning when I was a kid. Loading them up on the racks was some happy hard work. A quick Google search says they weigh 45 kg each, which works out to 99 lbs. I’m feeling sturdy right now. Tomorrow might be different, but believe me: I understand leverage!

2) Hydrated barrels. A concept I learned decades ago in college but it’s still intriguing. A wooden barrel has to be saturated with liquid before it can retain liquid. The wood fibers swell up, so they don’t leak.
3) Cleaned more barrels. This time I didn’t get splattered.

This is how I learned not to take a glass of wine for granted. Good days, with more good ones to come. Time for a glass of Pinot Gris. I earned that.