One of my music industry friends was often heard to say, “Put rock and roll back in the gutter, where it belongs.” (Those who know David Patton know just how often it was.) I’ve been thinking of that line the last week, having written articles about both cleaning drains and Led Zeppelin reissues.

Today, Boedecker Cellars took in the first ten out of almost 190 tons of grapes, and I took my place on the sorting line to welcome Cherry Grove and Hirschy Vineyards' bounty to the winery. This being my fifth year to wear the sorting hat, I was put in the slightly more challenging position of running the contraption that dumps the fruit onto the vibrating sorting line. I did all right, but was hardly deft, and the Nerd in me found it interesting how some grapes seemed to nest together and fall out at once, while others tumbled out like so many purple Superballs. Great fun. Great, sticky, messy fun.

Lesson forgotten and revisited from last year: While sorting grapes, don’t try cleaning your glasses on your shirt.